The Lone Rearranger

"Putting what you own where it ought to be"

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Beth Harper
"The Lone Rearranger"
Lexington, Kentucky


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King Cujo Harper
(almost named "Tonto")
02/10/01 ~ 04/10/13

In 1990, I began my decorating career with Kinnaird & Francke's Flooring & Furniture Gallery and Lexington Furniture Company, here in "The Horse Capital of the World" and "The Heart of the Bluegrass," Lexington, Kentucky.

In early 2000, I started my "side" business, "The Lone Rearranger," after rearranging the furniture in the homes of my friends. I'd "lone rearrange" on my days off the "real" job with clients who'd heard that I could take what they already owned and make it look new and different. Because of this, I believe that "word of mouth" is the best advertising.

On June 9, 2006, I decided that my "side" business was what made me the happiest, so I started "Lone Rearrangering" on a full-time basis. It's been wonderful working with my existing clients on a more regular basis and meeting all the wonderful people they refer to me. It's difficult to translate a before and after scenario in pictures, so I rely on my clients to tell others what can be done by simply moving something from one place to another. In 2013, while still “lone rearrangering,” I began working with RiteRug Flooring and met so many supportive people in my five-plus years there. However, family responsibilities and my passion for decorating led me out on my own again in August 2019.

Because I truly want to provide affordable and practical interior decorating, I charge a reasonable hourly rate, and I'm generally very fast!! When I come to your home, I'll ~ with your input, of course! ~ determine if something needs to be moved, etc. I have all the tools necessary to go to work right away. Since I'm paid by the hour, I want to give you your money's worth!

I'm available most anytime that suits your schedule. I'm not limited to the Lexington area; let me know what you need ... we can make (re)arrangements!

Beth ~ 859-699-9080

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